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Working with Complexity in PTSD


Treating complexity in PTSD: A cognitive therapy approach

Hannah Murray & Sharif El-Leithy

Available now from Routledge (currently 20% off) or Amazon

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About us

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Hannah Murray

Research Clinical Psychologist

Dr Hannah Murray is a Research Clinical Psychologist at the Oxford Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma at the University of Oxford. Her research involves developing, testing, and disseminating Cognitive Therapy for PTSD. She has nearly 15 years experience in treating PTSD and teaches and supervises widely in this area.

Hannah has no current capacity for private clinical work but some limited time for supervision and teaching.

Sharif El-Leithy

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Sharif El-Leithy is the Clinical Lead for the Traumatic Stress Service in South-West London.  He was a member of the NICE (2018) PTSD guideline update committee. He has nearly 20 years experience in treating PTSD and teaches and supervises widely on this topic.

Sharif has some limited capacity for private clinical work, supervision, and teaching.

Teaching and supervision

We offer workshops and courses on many aspects of treating PTSD. Recent topics include:

  • Beyond reliving in PTSD treatment: Advanced skills for overcoming common obstacles in memory work

  • Behavioural experiments in PTSD - the what, how and when

  • Integrating and optimising imagery rescripting in PTSD treatment

  • PTSD following critical illness and ICU admission

  • Relived, re-remembered, reconstructed: Working with complexity in PTSD memories and non-memories

  • PTSD following interpersonal trauma


As well as one-off teaching events, we have also provided tailored packages of training and supervision to services to 'top-up' their PTSD skills, particularly regarding complexity.


FAQs  blog

Answering your questions about PTSD.

Sorry, we cannot reply to individual messages, but message us with your FAQ and we will choose one every week to answer.

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